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E3 2012: Day 1 Recap (Sony, Ubisoft, EA Sports)


Day 1 of E3 is in the books and the best games of the show may have all been debuted in the later part of the day.  I found Microsoft’s showing to be subpar with only Halo 4, COD Black Ops 2, Resident Evil 6, and Tomb Raider to be particularly excited for.  Of course none of those are original properties or innovating their genre.  That however changed when Ubisoft and Sony debuted some really cool new games coming out later this year. 

E3 2012: Microsoft Recap


Microsoft’s showing at E3 carried very few surprises but showed a stable of enough sequels to keep fans happy for at least the short-term through the Holiday season.  No word on an “Xbox 720” yet as this show seemed to still be very much focused on pushing the Kinect product and getting core gamers on board with it.  All of the developers showed off Kinect integration into their games and Microsoft Xbox smart glass seems to do a fantastic job of integrating second screen devices like tablets and phones to complement gaming and even movie watching.

Weekly Wrestling Recap 5-5-12


This was the first Extreme Rules in quite some time where the pay-per-view actually lived up to its name.  The matches were brutal and the Chicago crowd was hot all night making it one of the best events that the WWE has had in quite some time.  The big story right now is Brock Lesnar and how he has turned the wrestling world upside down.  His match with Cena is not going to win any technical awards, but Cena took the biggest ass kicking of his WWE career.  The match started off with three huge elbows to the top of the head that busted Cena wide open.  There were ev

Weekly Wrestling Recap 4-19-12


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve put out a column and there’s been quite a bit going on in the WWE post-Wrestlemania.  April and May are generally slower months for the company but the return of Brock Lesnar and the debut of Lord Tensai have spiced up Raw quite a bit.  Then you have the FCW call ups with Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose all ready to be on TV in the very near future.  The WWE seems to be firing on all cylinders, yet the ratings for Raw have been absolutely flat and that was a trend that started even before WrestleMania.  I could recap the c

Wrestlemania 28 Preview


Crazy how time flies, not only is another WrestleMania here, but this also officially marks my 1 year anniversary of posting here at IHJJR.  It’s been a pleasure to contribute to the site alongside all of the other great writers here and seeing the sight grow so much.  Here’s to another year of talking wrasslin’ with you all.  Now onto the reason why you’re here – my official WrestleMania 28 Preview.

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Primo & Epico vs. The Uso’s vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

Weekly Wrestling Recap 3-20-11


The last 24 hours have been crazy with WWE rumors and it doesn’t even involve WrestleMania or last night’s Raw.  The internet has been set a buzz about a rumor regarding the closure of Florida Championship Wrestling, which is the WWE’s sole developmental territory.  This twitter crazed world we live in enables fallacies to spread like wild fire too quickly and as we saw with the Kony viral video debacle and every time a celebrity is mistakenly pronounced dead, fact checking has become an afterthought in the American zeitgeist.  Sure enough, FCW is NOT closing down as WWE quic

Weekly Wrestling Recap 3-10-12


The road to WrestleMania is in high gear as we are seeing the bulk of the card really start to shape up.  What a card it is too, on paper this looks like it could be the best WrestleMania in quite some time.  HBK and HHH had a showdown on Raw this week with HBK asking HHH why he decided to finally accept the Undertaker’s challenge.  I like that the WWE did this angle as it brought some continuity into the story and made sense that there might be some resentment between the two best friends when it comes to them both losing to ‘Taker.  This is an interesting dynamic to ad

Weekly Wrestling Recap 2-15-12


It’s been a busy few days in the world of pro wrestling.  I usually don’t talk a lot about TNA in this column, mostly because their product is borderline unwatchable.  This past Sunday they did have a pay-per-view however which featured some pretty solid wrestling and some interesting developments.  The first match at Against All Odds was between Zema Ion and Jesse Sorenson.  The matched seemed typical fare for the X-Division for the first 10 minutes or so until both competitors were outside of the ring.  Zema went to the top rope and did a moonsault on Sorenson who

Weekly Wrestling Recap 02-02-12


My first thoughts on Sunday night’s Royal Rumble was that it was not only an infomercial for WrestleMania 28 but also a bad way to kick off the 2012 pay-per-view season for the WWE.   Then after Monday’s Raw, some of the pieces of the Road to WrestleMania have begun to come together and the WWE was able to wash some of that bitter taste out of our mouths.  The problem is that when you pay $50+ for a pay-per-view, especially one that is billed as the big 4 events of the year, you expect it to be entertaining and full of surprises.  The Royal Rumble was anything but that w