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23 Questions and Cocoa Puffs

Chuck Klosterman







I usually find any in-depth examination of popular culture to be shallow and completely self-unaware. If a popular writer writes about what’s popular while conveniently ignoring his own popularity, is that a true analysis? Moreover, I don’t give a shit about reality shows and Top 40 radio, so much of pop culture seems like a barren wasteland of vapidity to me.

But I throw all that out the window when I read Chuck Klosterman.

The NBA Corner: Bring Back the '80's?







For my generation, the 1980’s were a glorious time. We had Small Wonder and Mr. Belvedere, slap bracelets, and Skip-It. How could you not love the 80's?

The NBA Corner: LINsanity is LINvalid

Jeremy Lin







Note: In this space, I normally touch on a few different points of interest from around the league, but there is something that has taken everyone’s attention over the past week or so. As a result, this column will feature just one topic today.

The NBA Corner: Don't Trust The Fans!

2012 NBA All-Star Logo2







It’s hard to believe that NBA All-Star Weekend, otherwise known as the “Black Super Bowl,” is only a few weeks away. The season feels like it just started, yet we’re rapidly approaching the halfway point. It’s one of the few benefits to having a condensed schedule (the inconsistent play league-wide is not a benefit).

The Wu-Tang Paradox

Wu-Tang Logo











"What RZA put together let no man tear asunder."


Confessions of an Expectant Father

I Make Adorable Babies






I found out in late September that I’m going to be a father. My first thought?

Holy. Shit.

It wasn’t a surprise. Actually, it was quite the opposite. We were trying to make a baby. We had gotten married in October and decided to start “trying” while on our belated honeymoon in Italy this past July. That was the fun part and there was no imprinting or other weird shit going on.

OnDemand Movie Review: “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest”

ATCQ Doc Poster




This is a randomly recurring segment entitled "OnDemand Movie Review." Basically, it's the last film review you'll read, usually months or years after you've forgotten every important detail about the film.