american football - AboutIhatejjr is a fun blog that talks about all things NFL. The NFL is considered arguably the most popular sports association in the United States, ahead of the NBA and MLB. The primary reason is that football is a universally loved sport, unlike basketball and baseball that are mostly confined to one ethnicity.

The NFL started almost a century ago, in 1920. At the time, players were mostly white. It didn’t symbolize diversity as it does today. If you look at the NFL landscape today, you see diversity all around. We have amazing players who are both white and black.

Additionally, the NFL has the mother of all grand finales, an event that is the most watched game globally, ahead of the FIFA world cup final. The Super Bowl is a billion dollar behemoth that attracts everyone from the edge of their seats. Everyone in this country, be they sports fans or not, look forward to that one date in the calendar.

We talk about NFL, players, owners, training, games and fan culture. There is so much to cover on this one association. So without further ado, let’s get on with it!