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Game 5: Revenge


What a week, huh?

Last Friday, we went into Texas as the underdogs in a “Win or Go Home” situation. Buck Showalter sent Joe Saunders to the mound, which was a decision that was both vocally and quietly criticized by O’s fans everywhere. His past in Texas seemed dismal, but he turned in a beautiful 5 2/3 IP performance and, along with some timely hitting, got us the W in a 9-inning affair.

Orioles FINALLY Release Wild Card Roster

Orioles Celebration




Here it is, y’all. Here are the 25 men who will lead the charge against the Rangers tonight. Finally. Buck Showalter chose to go with 11 pitchers, which will keep up prepared in case he needs to go by match-ups in early innings behind Joe Saunders. There are no real surprises as far as position players go. After tonight’s potential win, we can change the roster yet again for the next 5 games, and then again before the ALCS, and so on and so forth…

The Wild Card: It's More Than A Game.


The Baltimore Orioles face the Texas Rangers tonight in a one game Wild Card playoff. This is the first time that the Orioles have been in the playoffs since 1997, and the first time that the Orioles have had a winning season since then.

Let that sink in a little bit.

It’s been 15 years since the Orioles have been relevant in the baseball world. 15 long, sometimes painful years. Can you clearly remember where you were 15 years ago? Not just in your Orioles fandom, but in life?

Orioles Magic: The Race to the Playoffs


The Orioles are starting to get some attention in the media, it seems.

I woke up, scrolled my Twitter feed, and saw that one of my favorite fellow Orioles lady-fans @asianmegan tweeted a picture of the ESPN MLB homepage: The O’s finally made the lead article. The writer, David Schoenfeld, called our improbable winners a team of destiny, harkening back to 1995, when the Mariners came back from a huge deficit to win the AL West. (See the article in its entirety here:

Orioles Magic: It's Happening, Kids.


The craziest thing happened last Friday.

I chose watching the Ravens preseason game in person over the Orioles game on TV… And I kind of felt weird about it. Like, I was letting the Orioles down by not watching them play the Tigers from the comforts of my couch. My baseball team, whom I have loved my whole life, is in a pennant race, and I am watching practice football.

Vote For Captain Dee!

Captain Dee.jpg

Time for a call to arms, Ravens Fans!

Captain Dee-Fense, one of the crown jewels in the Ravens super fan clique, has been nominated for ESPN’s inaugural class in their Hall of Fans. Hundreds of applicants were narrowed down to ten, and Captain Dee deservedly made the cut.

(Insert Orioles Rant Here.)


You would think that I would be content with being in 2nd place at the halfway point of the Orioles season.

I’m not, though.

You know why I am not? Because I know that this team could be better. I know that there are moves to be made that could elevate us above the rest of the East. I know that there are games that should have been won, whether it is due to crappy defense or lack of timely hitting. Longtime Orioles fans have been waiting for the bottom to fall out, and I think that it has.

Where do we go from here? How can we be better?

Orioles 2B Brian Roberts Returning Tuesday


According to the local sports media, Brian Roberts is expected to be activated from the Disabled List tomorrow, ending a long and tumultuous recovery from a self-inflicted concussion that occurred in 2010 and was aggravated in May 2011.

Ten Reasons The Orioles Can Keep Winning

Orioles Outfield Celebration

It’s Christmas in Baltimore, hon!


The Orioles are in first place in the AL East, baseball’s toughest division. They are on the verge of locking up Adam Jones to an historical Orioles deal. Pitching has been excellent (for the most part). Can the O’s keep winning, which will in turn begin to fill that beautiful ballpark of ours?


I think so. Here’s why:


BTB Bloggers on!

If you haven’t heard of, where have you been?!

Seriously, though, Blythe Brumleve over at does an amazing job of providing an outlet for the sports/geek/entertainment lady enthusiasts. Blythe is a Jacksonville Jaguars/Red Sox fan – Imagine that, a Floridian who doesn’t enjoy their own baseball teams! Check that out, Evan Longoria!