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iPhone 5 Review? iPhone 5 Review



If you are anything like me, or a 5 year old, nothing cheers you up more then a new toy when you are feeling down.  So when I left Bank of America stadium on Thursday night after watching my Camthers (trademark pending) get absolutely dominated I was in need of some cheering up.  Since my iPhone 3GS has been on its last leg for the past 6 months I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Quick sidebar: the name iPhone

I Hate the FauxSox


To say that I am overjoyed at the Red Sox collapse is probably an understatement.  Now as someone who is writing about the American League I should be somewhat biased. Compound that with the fact that I am an Atlanta Braves fan any way you would think that I wouldn't care at all. But then something happened in 2004 that changed all of that.

The Snooze Fest that was the American League Trade Deadline

American League Hats

All I heard the week before the MLB trade deadline was how exciting the upcoming week was going to be with all the MLB trades and the NFL free agency. And it was for the National League.  With the exception of a few major trades it seemed that most of the AL was content with just standing pat while the NL teams made some huge splashes in the trade pool.





I Like Michael Vick Now? Really?

Michael Vick

VickpanthersAs an avid animal lover when the news that Michael Vick was abusing animals came out I was appalled. It was bad enough that he brutally beat my Carolina Panthers on a semi annual basis but then he went after defenseless dogs. I was glad to see that he would be spending some time in a Federal “insert Office Space quote here” prison.

Baseball's Better with a Beard

Nick's Beard

This week's "Beard" goes to Baltimore Orioles own Nick Markakis. I have to admit this is a car wreck beard. I think it is horrible because Markakis chose not to commit to the full beard with no mustache or the goatee. It is kind of an in between mess but I can't stop myself from looking at it. He totally had to start the outside of the beard to trim down to a goatee got distracted and nicked his mustache. That is the only explanation I can come up with.