Jose Bautista Goes Deep Off O'Day; Naturally Talks Smack (GIF) sticky icon

Bautista Home Run















Bautista hits a dong on Saturday afternoon and of course taunts Darren O'Day on his way home.....



.............and here's Darren O'Day's reaction.

2005 Os: Sosa trade has more novelty value than competitive value


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Are the Orioles Rebuilding Under Our Noses?


The 2014 Orioles seemed about as close to “All In” as they've been since the mid-90s. They spent a fair bit of money on Ubaldo Jimenez and took a flier on Nelson Cruz, surrendering their 1st and 2nd round picks in the process. They traded highly regarded prospect Eduardo Rodriguez for ace reliever Andrew Miller. They traded long term depth (Jemile Weeks) for a short term bench solution (Kelly Johnson). They pulled a highly unusual move in signing JJ Hardy to a new contract between playoff series.