Jose Bautista Goes Deep Off O'Day; Naturally Talks Smack (GIF) sticky icon

Bautista Home Run















Bautista hits a dong on Saturday afternoon and of course taunts Darren O'Day on his way home.....



.............and here's Darren O'Day's reaction.

Orioles Should Consider Trading Bud Norris



There's been much talk this Spring Training about the possibility of shipping off a newly healthy Brian Matusz to New York, and there's been plenty of talk about the futures of pending free agents Davis and Wieters.


One thing that I expected to hear more about though which hasn't raised so much as a murmur is two other big pending free agents: Starting pitchers Bud Norris and Wei Yin Chen.

Time to Retire These Sports Radio Orioles Talking Points



As a photographer I spend a whole lot of time in my car. I spend hours a day driving all over the area, and that means lots of listening to sports talk radio. The Ravens, and recently the Terps, have tended to dominate the airwaves but the Orioles get some air time (Not as much as you would think given how close they came to the World Series).