Joe Flacco Revolutionizing The Short Game In Las Vegas

Flacco Shorts








Damn Flacco is enjoying this offseason huh? First he was in Jamaica and now Vegas! Live it up baby! Not like he should be spending the offseason working on his game right? Who does that?????


Mocking the Draft-ST. Louis Rams


The Rams are lucky to have two first round picks in the 2014 NFL Draft. They acquired this pick from the Washington Redskins in the Robert Griffin mega-deal. The Rams are a young team on the rise with a defense that has potential to be among the league’s best.  Let’s take a look at the Rams current situation…

Mocking the Draft-Houston Texans


For the next 32 days I am going to examine each team in the NFL team by team to determine their draft needs as well as provide a “verdict” on whom they will select with their first round draft selection. Now that free agency has come and gone it is easier to project what teams may do in May’s draft. So let’s get started with the team that holds the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Houston Texans.

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Corey Graham Leaves Baltimore


    Cornerback Corey Graham has officially left Baltimore and agreed to a deal with the Buffalo Bills. After visiting the Washington Redskins, 28 year-old Graham chose a four year, $16 million deal with Buffalo.

Mocking the Ravens


The NFL Draft is 68 days away so there is plenty of time for players to rise and fall with pro days right around the corner. It is impossible to accurately “mock” what a team will do in the draft before NFL free agency but over the course of the next 68 days I am going to try to play General Manager for all thirty-two teams. To start I am going to focus on my hometown Baltimore Ravens and while I admit I am not a “Ravens fan” I do know a great deal about the teams’ roster and needs.