NFL Predictions Continued: Superlatives & Unperlatives

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So far we've focused on team results in our NFL Preview Series, including last week's articles on the AFC win-loss predictions and the NFC win-loss predictions.

Wanna be a Better Football Fan? I Know How...


Football is a pretty confusing game, once you get past the basics. The higher the level of play, the more intricate and detailed the game becomes. The game at the NFL level is so complex and detailed it's scary. Ever sat and listened to the name of a play that's called in the huddle and wonder why it's so long? Fact of the matter is that each play and the verbose calls are all titled certain ways, because they all mean something. Ever watched Hard Knocks on HBO or just listened to a coach talk and use 'football talk' and just scratch your head?

Breaking Down The Ravens' 53-Man Roster

Ravens Pregame Warmups












QUARTERBACK — Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor

More NFL Predictions: Win-Loss Records in the NFC


If you missed yesterday's AFC predictions (where I absolutely nailed how each team is going to finish this year), click HERE.

AFC Predictions: Figuring Out Each Team's Record


You feel that?

One week until the regular season kicks off. One week.

If you're too excited about this and the anticipation is killing you (and you happen not to be much of a college football fan), I suggest you do what I'm doing this weekend and get completely off the grid for a few days. I won't have internet connection or cell phone service from Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning.