NFL Week 14 Picks: AFCmageddon and Handing Out the MVP Award

Aaron Rodgers

In week 11 we had the NFCpocalypse. Five games featured the NFC’s best teams either facing off against each other or taking on a tough AFC opponent. The results mattered greatly as this was the week where Green Bay effectively passed Detroit in the North, Carolina bowed out of the NFC South race and Seattle tried to play its way out of NFC West consideration.

NFL Week 13 Recap: Marching Towards an Incredibly Rare Season


So I spent my Thanksgiving in Cabo, and even though I didn’t leave for that trip until Thanksgiving morning, my brain was in already-on-vacation mode all of last week. It had to be.

Ravens Recap: I Hate Philip Rivers And His Stupid Face Edition

Philip Rivers


This image will haunt my dreams for years to come........


After the Steelers and Browns went down in defeat, this was a perfect opportunity for the Ravens to reestablish themselves as a legit AFC North contender. Unfortunately Philip Rivers and the Chargers had other plans, scoring a game-winning touchdown in the final minute to secure a 34-33 victory in front of 71,060 at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday.


The Ballad of Ricky Wagner











“Why didn’t we draft a tackle?”

NFL Week 12 Picks: We Need a Villain!


If it feels like this NFL season is missing something critical compared to last season, it’s because it is.

NFL Week 11 Recap: A New Low for a Tortured Fan Base


We interrupt your regularly scheduled week 11 recap to bring your attention to a group of people who have been harshly oppressed for the past 14 years.

NFL Week 11 Picks: You'll Want To Be Watching These Games

Drew Stanton

Some weeks need no fancy introduction. The promise of what’s to come is so good that a writer simply has to go through the games and then get out of the way. No need for a lengthy monologue about the state of quarterbacks or which conference is more dominant.