2013 in Review: My Best & Worst NFL Predictions



Yesterday was supposed to be the final day to look back on 2013, but I couldn’t help myself. So many sports analysts/columnists/experts don’t hold themselves accountable for the outrageous predictions they make at the beginning of a sports season. But I spent the last day of the year digging through my archives to find my predictions that were spot on and the ones that were...terrible.

Week 17 NFL Recap: And Then There Were 12

Kyle Orton


Another fantastic day is in the books for the NFL. Our wallets might have taken a big hit in 2013, but the unpredictability of the NFL season provided the best start-to-finish drama in the history of the league.


Week 17 NFL Picks: All The Insanity of the NFL Season Packed into One Week

NFL Picks

While working off Wednesday’s helpings of pork pie, turducken, mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli casserole, chocolate cake, ice cream and roughly a dozen jack & cokes by going on a four-mile run Thursday morning, my brother and I tried to talk through every NFL week 17 and playoff scenario...which games could be meaningless on Sunday if a certain outcome happens earlier in the day, if Team X and T

Week 16 NFL Picks: Feeling Extremely Emasculated By My Girlfriend's Dominance

NFL Picks

I wasn't lying when I said in my week 15 recap column that I'd be abstaining from making picks entirely in week 16 and just letting my girlfriend handle that responsibility. I really saw no reason to continue with the charade of me pretending to know what the fuck I'm talking about. But then the demands from my readers started rolling in.

Film Room: Stopping Megatron


Going into the Monday Night matchup against the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens had to devise a gameplan to limit Calvin Johnson’s impact in the Lions offense. Johnson is a perennial pro-bowler and is a threat to score everytime he catches a ball.

Bringing the Ravens Playoff Picture into Focus







The Baltimore Ravens currently control their own playoff destiny. However, there were several games yesterday that had an effect on Baltimore's playoff chances. Here's what happened and what it meant.

Pittsburgh Steelers 30, Cincinnati Bengals 20

Who the Ravens wanted to win: Pittsburgh

Week 15 NFL Picks: Running Back the Girlfriend's Picks

NFL Picks

Last week we were treated to one of the best weekends of football in recent memory. Of course everyone has seen or heard about the frantic ending to many of the early games on Sunday, but by my count, there were also seven games in week 14 where both teams were fighting for their playoff lives or their playoff seeding.