Classic Wrestling Moment of the Week

This week's classic moment isn't really a single "moment" in wrestling as it is a staple of wrestling history. The feature tonight is none other than The Nature Boy Ric Flair's Figure Four Leg Lock. Ric has been using his signature move since the days before wrestling was cool. (Check out the fans in the first video. They are so excited about the match!!!) Many greats have fallen victim to the figure four so it's nothing to be ashamed of if the 16 World Heavyweight Champ managed to slap it on. Let's all take a moment to remember the great Figure Four Leg Lock.

Man Dates: February Edition


(NCAAF) National Signing Day


Brett Favre's Sister Busted for Meth

"The arrest of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre's sister during a drug raid in southern Mississippi isn't the first time she's been in trouble with the law.

Ugh Shut Up

I dislike Lebron to the point where any athlete that speaks to him loses points in my book.

Kevin Durant's New Commercial Is Creepy

I can't tell if I love this or hate this, the guy talking kind of creeps me out but it is a creative commercial. What do you think? They should make a series of these, Just Imagine the guy saying this:

Lebron James, Your going to be a superstar for the Cleveland Cavaliers, sure your already a self- enamored douche but in 2010 your only going to become a bigger one. Just remember this phrase "the decision."