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QB Trick Shots

Johnny Mac, a red-shirt QB from UCONN, made a compilation of trick shots. He throws the football from all over the field and hits the uprights, trash cans, water bottles, etc. He also does some other amazing shots. If he is this accurate then look for this guy to start for the Huskies in the fall.

PGA: Waste Management Phoenix Open Recap

Classic Wrestling Moment of the Week

This week's classic moment isn't really a single "moment" in wrestling as it is a staple of wrestling history. The feature tonight is none other than The Nature Boy Ric Flair's Figure Four Leg Lock. Ric has been using his signature move since the days before wrestling was cool. (Check out the fans in the first video. They are so excited about the match!!!) Many greats have fallen victim to the figure four so it's nothing to be ashamed of if the 16 World Heavyweight Champ managed to slap it on. Let's all take a moment to remember the great Figure Four Leg Lock.

Mickelson's Caddy Did What????

Classic Wrestling Moment of the Week

It has been a while but we are back with the Classic Wrestling Moment of the Week. Since the Royal Rumble is coming up in a manner of days, let's take a look back at last year's 30-man elimination tournament. If you aren't familiar with the Royal Rumble, it is a competition between 30 superstars and the object is to eliminate your competition by throwing them over the top rope to the arena floor. It starts with 2 wrestlers and then, one by one, a new wrestler joins the match.