Baseball's Better with a Beard

By Mike Scott - Posted on 21 May 2011

This week I didn't even have to look for the Best Beard. Thanks to @si_vault I found it pretty quickly. This kid might be the most awesome fan on the planet. Kudos to him (and I'm sure his Dad) for coming up with the greatest Brian Wilson replica ever, faux hawk included. If I was him I would never take that thing off. Well done.

Also, check out @si_vault on Twitter. He always has some pretty dope sports pictures, old school and new. And every once in a while he takes requests. A lot of them you'll be

amazed that he was able to find.

Passing of a legend
Harmon Killebrew passed this week after a long battle with cancer. Sad to see anyone go but i think that the tribute the Twins gave him was very cool. I am sure that they will have a more formal honoring, i.e. a patch on the jersey or hat, but the players took it upon themselves to show respect to the former player in a quiet and subtle way. They simply played the game with his jersey hanging up in their dugout. Very cool. RIP Harmon. You will be missed.

Does anyone care about Interleague?
I am not totally against Interleague. I think for cross town and inner state rivalries its a good way to have prideful grudge matches that wouldn't other wise get played unless both teams make it to the World Series. So seeing teams like Cincinnati and Cleveland suit up or the New York Yankees and New York Mets play in the Subway series is pretty cool. But when the Tigers take on the Pirates nobody cares. Especially Jim Leyland.

"I think this was something that was certainly a brilliant idea to start with," Leyland told the Detroit Free Press. "But I think it has run its course. It's not really doing what it was supposed to—there's no rivalries for most of the teams. I'm sure it helps the White Sox a little bit when they play the Cubs at their park, but it doesn't help Wrigley because they pack Wrigley anyway most of the time."
And why is ESPN jamming the Cubs and Redsox series down our throat? Does anyone care that the Cubbies haven't played in Fenway since in 90 some odd years? I'm pretty sure there aren't many north side fans still steaming about that one. Let's keep the cross-town rivalries but its time to move on from interleague play once and for all.

Neftali, Pick Me!!
Neftali Feliz is probably one of my favorite pitchers in baseball right now. For one he has got a great baseball name. And, as you can see from the picture above, he has been rocking the back pack since before Kevin Durant. This week Feliz had a stellar highlight. He picked off not one but two base runners on first base. Not only did he do it in the same game but it was in the same inning. And back to back base runners at that in the 9th of a tie ball game. Check it out.

Francisco's Smiling
Before the season started the most common thought process was that there was no real room in the Minnesota Twins roster for Francisco Liriano. They were hoping that he would be doing well enough, along with the Twins, to be a huge piece of trade bait. The Twins were projected to be first in the Central, or at least within a few games, with or without Liriano performing well. How much would the Yankees be giving up to land Liriano?

Well a quarter of the season has gone by and Liriano has come back pretty strong. So far this year he has thrown a no hitter and while his win/loss isn't stellar he has been a consistant starter for the Twins. On the flip side the rest of the Twins are struggling. The Twins are currently in last place and 11.5 games back from the Cleveland Indians. Joe Mauer has been hurt for a good part of the season. And unless something sparks this team to get in gear they might be out of the playoffs before the all star break.

I won't count the Twins out just yet though. They still play in the division with the Royals. And who knows how long Cleveland will last before they remember who they are. And Liriano may

still get traded this year but if all stays the same it won't be because the Twins are good and don't need him. It will be to get prospects for him since they are not going to contend. But at least the Twins have the nicest facility in sports.

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