Camden Yards Food Power Rankings

By Phil Gentile - Posted on 20 June 2013













Best team in baseball with the best stadium in baseball. Might as well have the best food too right? Here's our power rankings for the foods you need to sample when you visit OPACY this summer!



10. BBQ Sandwich from Boog's

Formerly the gold standard of Camden Yard eats, the lines and prices have caused me to avoid Boog's for the last decade or so. Wasn't impressed last time I did have it.


9. Korean Beef steak tacos from Tako-Korean BBQ

I love me some Korean BBQ but not really feeling this as a future Camden Yards staple. that vegetables on top? Nah that's not gonna work for me son. I refuse to eat anything remotely healthy at a sporting event. NEXT!


8. Crab cakes

Crab cakes and football. That's what Maryland does. That infamous movie quote doesn't quite fit here but neither do crab cakes. Until a legit crab cake spot opens a location in Camden Yards I will always be wary of eating one of these inside the stadium. It's for the tourists plan and simple. Anyone actually from Baltimore know better.


7. The Gino's Camden Giant Burger

A crab cake on a burger. Here's where it gets interesting. Alone I wouldn't be too tempted to buy either at a stadium but combine them together and you got my attention. If someone puts ketchup on this you're allowed to slap them by the way. This needs mayo all the way.



6. Crab Waffle Fries

Where's Guy Fieri when you need him? We all know the french fry hierarchy right?

Waffle fries > Shoestring fries > Steak fries > Curly fries > crinkle cut fries

P.S. If you want the most amazing thing in the world check out the Maryland style tater tots at Alexander's in Fells Point.


5. Crab Mac And Cheese Dog from Stuggy's

Now we're talking!! A hot dog, topped with mac and cheese. You could stop there and it would be suffice but then they add crab meat. Stuggy's is the place for hot dogs in Charm City and this one doesn't disappoint.


4. The Walk Off

Available at Dempsey's Brew Pub, its basically a sausage wrapped in a pretzell roll, covered in crab dip. Feel free to read that sentence again.


3. Bacon on a stick

If you've never had this simple yet complex addition to the Camden Yards culinary scene you need to try it asap. It's so much more than bacon. The flavor is almost like a pulled pork/bacon combo and ts;dhdijdjidoj oh I'm sorry I just drooled all over my keyboard.


2. Triple Crown Sandwich

I advice calling your cardiologist before eating one of these. They top a hot dog with pulled pork and the aforementioned bacon on a stick, this had to have been created by someone with a death wish.

1. Esskay Hot Dog

Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever replace the classic hot dog as the staple food at baseball games. Even though I'm #TeamRelish during the Hot Dog Race, I'm a mustard and onions-kinda guy when it comes to actual dogs. An esskay hot dog and a beer on a hot summer day watching the Orioles. Well that's heaven on earth ladies and gentlemen.