College Football Rewind: Week 13

By Will T. - Posted on 30 November 2011






It pains me to see that we’ve finally reached the last week of regular season games. Truth be told, this is one of the craziest seasons of college football I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. There have been countless wild finishes this year, and each week has brought something different to the table. As we move into bowl season, here’s to hoping the bowls provide as much entertainment, if not more as the regular season. And with that, let’s recap Week 13.


#1 LSU defeats #3 Arkansas, 41-17

I guess the Hat was feeling generous at the start of the game when he spotted the Razorbacks fourteen points. Maybe he just wanted to tweak Bobby Petrino a bit too (which he seemed to successfully do if you caught the postgame “handshake”). At any rate, the Tigers had no issue booking their trip the SEC title game against Georgia. Like I said last week, never bet against the Hat.


As for the SEC Championship game, I’ll be honest, the Bulldogs have zero chance to win this game. But if they were to pull off this most monumental of miracles, it won’t affect the BCS Championship game one bit. It’s a done deal that Alabama will play LSU for the BCS Championship, regardless of the outcome of this game and the outcome of Oklahoma State’s game against Oklahoma. With that in mind, look for the Tigers to prove one last time that they are truly the best team in college football.


Prediction: LSU 34, Georgia 13


As for Arkansas, with their season over, now comes the wait to see which bowl they will be selected by. While they have fallen to 8th in the BCS standings, an at large bid to a BCS game is still possible.



#2 Alabama defeats #24 Auburn, 42-14

Yeahhhh....about my prediction that Auburn would keep this game close....when you convert just three third downs against a powerhouse team like the Crimson Tide, well, you’re just not going to win. Trent Richardson had another Heisman-esque performance for the Tide, rushing for over 200 yards along with a touchdown reception.


With their latest domination of an SEC foe, a rematch against LSU has all but been decided. It’ll be interesting to see how the coaches vote in the Coaches’ Poll, especially if Oklahoma State crushes the Sooners. However, as I mentioned above, it just feels like no matter what the Cowboys do, Alabama will be playing LSU for the BCS Championship game.


#4 Stanford defeats Notre Dame, 28-14

Andrew Luck wrapped up his regular season with another dominant performance against the Fighting Irish. For some reason I can’t seem to figure out, the Cardinal’s Nike Pro Combat Unis got a lot of bad buzz on Twitter. I thought they were tremendous, though I’ll be the first to admit they made Stanford look more like South Carolina. At any rate, Stanford finishes their stellar season at 11-1, and while they ultimately won’t be playing in the inaugural PAC-12 title game, they have plenty to be proud of with their season. All that’s left now is to wait and see if they get an at-large bid to a BCS Bowl, and whether or not Andrew Luck will win the Heisman.


#5 Oklahoma State (Idle)

After a week off, the Cowboys return to action against their bitter instate rival. While there is no longer a Big 12 Championship game due to conference realignment, this game serves as the de facto title game in my opinion. A loss to the Sooners puts the final nail in the coffin for the Cowboys’ already slim chances to leapfrog Alabama to play LSU for the Crystal Football. Since the Sooners have the chance to play spoilers, I have a feeling they’ll be even more fired up for this game than usual. I think the Cowboys will ultimately win, but there’s just no way they’re going to score enough points to impress the voters and BCS computers into placing them ahead of Alabama.


Prediction: Oklahoma State 27, Oklahoma 24



#6 Virginia Tech defeats Virginia, 38-0

Clearly, the Hokies wanted to make everyone remember that they’re still the best team in the state of Virginia. While the Cavaliers have been a great story this season, Virginia Tech took a steel chair and crushed any chance left that Virginia would sneak into the ACC Title game. Rocking their awesome old school white helmets yet again, the Hokies found their offensive rhythm at just the right time.


The ACC Championship is on the line this weekend, as the Hokies take ok the Clemson Tigers in Charlotte. Given Clemson’s complete and utter freefall since losing to NC State and South Carolina, don’t expect the Tigers do fare any better against the Hokies. Virginia Tech should absolutely steamroll Clemson on their way to the Orange Bowl.


Prediction: Virginia Tech 28, Clemson 13


#7 Oklahoma defeats Iowa State, 26-6

Unsurprisingly, the Cyclones were not able to recreate their magic against that other team from Oklahoma this past weekend. The Sooners completely dominated the game, especially in the second quarter, scoring twenty unanswered points.


As I mentioned above, Bedlam is this Saturday, and should be one of the better matchups of the weekend. The Sooners will keep it close, but look for the Cowboys to defeat their hated rivals. See above for my prediction.


#8 Houston defeats Tulsa, 48-16

While the Golden Hurricanes played very well in the most of the game, the Cougars firepower was far too overpowering for Tulsa to be able to keep pace with. Case Keenum tossed a pedestrian five touchdown passes, and helped put away Tulsa for good late in the second half.


The Cougars now head to the Conference USA Championship game to play Southern Mississippi. While the Golden Eagles are an impressive 10-2, Houston will be the first ranked team they’ve played all season. This translates to Case Keenum likely tossing another give touchdown passes for 500 or so yards. Go ahead and book the Cougars to win the Conference USA Title.


Prediction: Houston 54, Southern Miss 26


#9 Boise State defeats Wyoming, 34-16

After overcoming a slow start, the Broncos stampeded all across Wyoming with almost 500 yards of total offense. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see this game, but I imagine it involved a lot of Kellen Moore, doing what he does best – carving up horrible Mountain West secondaries.


Boise State finishes their season back on the blue turf, playing host to New Mexico. If you’ve been following college football this season, you’ll recall that the lowlight of the Lobos’ season came when a minor got a DWI driving now former coach Mike Locksley’s car. Currently, the Lobos are 1-10. Think it’s a fair assessment to say Saturday’s matchup in Boise is going to go a lot like this.


Prediction: Boise State 49, New Mexico 0



#10 Oregon defeats Oregon State, 49-21

The annual Civil War game didn’t produce much drama in terms of the game itself. The Ducks flattened the Beavers easily. However, Oregon fans everywhere collectively gasped when LaMichael James left the game with another elbow injury. Fortunately, it appears the injury isn’t serious at all, and James should be good to go against UCLA this weekend.


Speaking of the PAC-12 Championship game, aka Rick Neuheisel’s swansong, Oregon opened up a 30.5 favorite to win this game. Think about that for a second, and you’ll agree with me that says way more about just how bad UCLA is right now. The crazy thing is, I really think I would take Oregon to cover that spread. Look for the Ducks to fly high on their way to the Rose Bowl.


Prediction: Oregon 55, UCLA 7



The IHJJR Top Ten: Week 14

  1.  LSU
  2. Alabama
  3. Stanford
  4. Oklahoma State
  5. Virginia Tech
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Arkansas
  8. Houston
  9. Oregon
  10. Boise State


The final poll of the regular season had just some minor shuffling. Arkansas was the only team in the Top Ten to lose, so they fall to #7. Oregon leapfrogs Boise State, because their win over Oregon State was more impressive than Boise State’s over Wyoming. Houston remains at #8, while every other team moved up in the poll.


LOLs of the Week

I tell ya, this has been easy to pick the last several weeks. We have a tie this week, because both are just too good. For those that caught the Michigan-Ohio State game, you may have caught this epic shot of Michigan punt returner horribly muffing a punt (thanks to the folks at for uploading). Next, during MaryLOLOLOLand’s hilarious meltdown at NC State, Randy Edsall was caught telling the ACC Referees what he thinks of their abilities (props to @ncsu1 for catching this).



That’s a wrap for Week 13! With the regular season coming to a close, be on the lookout for my massive IHJJR Bowl Preview column once all the matchups have been set. As always, leave a comment here or follow me on Twitter @thrillis4.