Five Reasons I Hate......The Denver Broncos

By Phil Gentile - Posted on 04 September 2013

Broncos Fans













1. Peyton Manning and his Peanut Shaped Head



2. The "Rahim Moore is the only reason the Ravens got to the Super Bowl" Excuse

The Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens AFC Divisional playoff game.

While it was painfully obvious that Rahim Moore cost the Denver Broncos a huge 4th quarter touchdown, it's not fair to say that this was the ONLY reason the Ravens beat Denver to advance to the AFC Championship game earlier this year. You could easily blame Peyton Manning for the two interceptions he threw to Corey Graham, one of which was returned for a touchdown. You could even blame head coach John Fox for his conservative playcalling in the 2nd half. It doesn't matter anymore.

Let Broncos fans bitch and complain about one play. As a wise man once said "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."


3. John Fox

John Fox

The Broncos head coach  is....

- more conservative than Ann Coulter

- looks like every drunk 60 year old dude in Key West

- the owner of a 81-79 record as a head coach before Peyton Manning fell into his lap

probably definitely owns several Tommy Bahama shirts

- according to his Wikipedia page he's know to his friends as "Foxxy".


4. Denver Post writer Mark Kiszla

Here is the first paragraph of an article he wrote right before the Ravens/Broncos playoff game in January:

"If this rust belt town needed a bib to catch all the sentimental tears shed at the last home game of iconic linebacker Ray Lewis, how is Baltimore going to handle the emotional breakdown when the Broncos force him into retirement as a loser?"

Bitter much??? Of course I tweeted Mr. Kiszla immediately after the game to inquire about the Broncos pathetic collapse and he gave me some douchey comment about Baltimore being in the "Rust Belt". Still no idea what that means but I'm assuming Mark Kiszla was born in 1920 because nobody uses the term "Rust Belt" in this century.


5. They created Tebow-Mania



The Denver Broncos have two playoff wins since John Elway retired in 1999. One with Jake Plummer under center. The other by Tim Tebow. Pathetic. After floundering for the first half of the 2011 season, the Broncos inserted Tebow into the starting lineup and rode him to a playoff victory over the Steelers. While the run was damn impressive, it created a media blitz unlike anything in recent memory. Cameras have been following Tebow ever since despite his obvious lack of talent. We can blame the Broncos organization for the nonstop ESPN coverage the former Florida Gator has received over the last two years.