I Can't Be The Only Person That Dips Their French Fries In Mayo Right?

By Phil Gentile - Posted on 07 November 2013

FF Mayo











It all started in high school. For some reason everyone I know would get a side of mayo with their french fries. Peer pressure forced me to try it and I been doing it ever since. Not EVERYTIME I eat fries but when it's available I will dabble. For the record, I don't like ketchup. Never have. It's too sweet or something. Think mayonnaise on fries is gross? I don't give a shit. It's delicious. For the record I put mayo on my hot dogs as well. Say something!!!!

I see all these fancy restaurants in Baltimore offering truffle fries with "garlic aioli". Stop trying to fancy it up. That's mayo son!!


P.S. If you dunk your french fries in ranch or honey mustard that's basically mayo with some added ingredients so don't hate.