Kardashian Fantasy Awards Week Six

By Phil Gentile - Posted on 16 October 2011

Kardashian Sisters 6






Just a recap:

Kim Kardashian Award represents the best expected performance

Kourtney Kardashian Award represents the best unexpected performance

Khloe Kardashian Award represents the most hideous performance


Kim Kardashian Award

3rd Place - Aaron Rodgers (319 passing yards, 3 touchdowns)

Ho hum another 300+ yard 3 touchdown game for the best quarterback in the world of fake football. I tried to make a case for Rodgers as a top five fantasy pick but people didn't listen. He has 19 touchdowns through six games so that puts him on pace for.....432 touchdowns? This calculator is a piece of junk! Anyway he's the top scorer in almost all leagues and I don't think that changes.

2nd Place - Jimmy Graham (7 catches, 124 receiving yards)

For every Rodgers prediction I got right there is a guy like The Graham Cracker that I got wrong. I saw the talent but didn't see him getting consistent fantasy value week after week. I was wrong. He isn't the most talented tight end in the league but Brees feeds him the ball like a bartender feeding drinks to the Olsen Twins. 

1st Place - Ahmad Bradshaw (130 total yards, 3 touchdowns)

Remember a couple years ago when all the Giants players were doing that stupid "BALLIN!!!" thing? Well Bradshaw was BALLIN' on Sunday, racking up three touchdowns and pretty much owning the Bills defense. He's a guy that doesn't get much love in fantasy circles but he's a poor man's Adrian Peterson. Trying to trade for him now might be hopeless but he's a guy I see getting better and better.


Kourtney Kardashian Award

3rd Place - Brent Celek (42 yards, 1 touchdown)

The Returning of the Living (Fantasy) Dead. Vick hardly ever throws to the Cincinnati product but during the McNabb/Kolb days he was used more than a laugh track during an episode of "Whitney". Don't count on this week after week but maybe Vick is realizing he has another reliable weapon in the passing game.

2nd Place - Andy Dalton (264 passing yards, 1 touchdown)

He's looking more and more like a legit NFL quarterback. His late season schedule is pretty nice so he might be a guy to look at during the fantasy playoffs if your starter has a tough matchup.

1st Place - Devin Hester (91 yards, 1 touchdown)

I like this car but does it come in baby shit green? Excellent! I'll take it!!!

Khloe Kardashian Award

3rd Place - Jermichael Finley (1 catch, 20 yards)

I'm a HUGE Jermichael Finley fan but I was lukewarm on him this season just because of all the weapons Aaron Rodgers has at his disposal. He's obviously a must start every week so you can bitch all you want but I doubt you've got any better options on your bench.

2nd Place -Felix Jones (35 total yards, left with a high ankle sprain)

Every year people climb aboard the Felix Jones bangwagon and every year he disappoints. When will they learn? Felix the Cat is out for 2-4 weeks reportedly so it looks like Demarco Murray and Tashard Choice will pick up the slack.

1st Place - Rex Grossman (143 passing yards, 0 touchdowns 4 interceptions)

This picture pretty sums up Grossman's career. I always thought the Skins had made a mistake choosing Grossman over Beck in the preseason quarterback battle. Wanta know why? BECAUSE I'VE SEEN GROSSMAN PLAY BEFORE! HE SUCKS!


Kendall's #TCAP Pickups of the Week

QB - Sam Bradford, John Beck

RB - Demarco Murray, Jackie Battle, Montario Hardesty, Maurice Morris

WR - Demaryius Thomas, Doug Baldwin

TE - Fred Davis, Lance Kendricks, Kevin Boss, Benjamin Watson

DEF - Kansas City vs. Oakland Bollers


Drop 'Um Like It's Hot

Mike Sims-Walker, all Raiders receivers, Stevan Ridley, Donovan McNabb, Alex Smith, Cadillac Williams, Michael Bush, Evan Moore, Plaxico Burress, Davone Bess.