The Next Owner of the Orioles Is.......

By Phil Gentile - Posted on 17 February 2012

Peter Angelos




There were rumors this week that Peter Angelos was maybe possibly considering thinking about selling the Orioles....perhaps. Since none of us are that lucky, I seriously doubt it happens.

But let's say it did. Who would be the ideal owner to help rebuild the O's? Who could make going to Camden Yards fun again and bring quality talent back into the organization?


Cal Ripken Jr.

Every Orioles fan's dream. We have been begging Cal to become more involved with the team for years. Realistically, they want him to walk into Camden Yards and throw Angelos out like Uncle Phil used to do to Jazzy Jeff but they'll settle for Ripken doing it the boring, legal way. The Ironman would immediately put butts in the seats and hopefully restore the organization to it's former greatness Is it really that far fetched? We've seen what Nolan Ryan has meant to the Rangers organization....

Steve Bisciotti

Another fan favorite. The Areotek founder has owned the Ravens since 2004 and during that time the team has reached the playoffs five of his eight seasons and is widely known as a world class organization. He was born and raised in the Baltimore area and was a huge Orioles fan growing up. Like the rest of us it must kill him to watch the Birds these days. Maybe he'll even bring Ozzie along to help get the O's farm system back to respectability.

Mark Cuban

Cubes is everyone's favorite sports owner because he keeps things interested- All he cares about is winning. He wants to give his fans a winner and he spoils his players. He's been dying to buy an MLB team for years, and since the Rangers are off the market, he's going to have to look elsewhere. Cuban would make it fun to go to Orioles game, whether the team is good or not. Better yet- Players would want to come to Charm City just because he's the owner. He's built a championship NBA team in Dallas and I think he would work hard to do the same here.

Ed Norton/Josh Charles

This Hollywood duo is a long shot but hear me out: Both grew up in the Baltimore area and both are passionate Orioles fans since childhood. We could be like the Dolphins of Major League Baseball: A team run by rich Hollywood types would be the talk of ESPN, and they would be smart enough to not interfer in the day-to-day operations like Angelos does.


Kevin Plank

Last but certainly not least is Kevin Plank, founder of Baltimore-based Under Armour. With a net worth of around 1 billion dollars and his ties to the area he might just be the ideal candidate. Think of it this way: Even if the team sucks at least their uniforms would look good!