Patriots, Eagles and the favorites to win the 2018 NFL season

Let’s take a looking at the upcoming NFL season. Ever since the Eagles won the last Super Bowl, there has been a keen interest and expectation on who the next unexpected champion would be. As the preseason kicks off, one can only wonder.

Funnily enough, there has been an upsurge in NFL betting since a few states such as Delaware legalized sports betting activities. The Eagles weren’t really expected to win the last one, and their victory shocked many. It would have also made some lucky people really, really wealthy.

So who is the favorite to win the current season? Many state that it will be a four-way battle between the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings. Each of them is predicted to have either a 12-4 or a 11-5 win record for the upcoming season.

A few are indeed tipping the Eagles to pull another upset and retain the title, although retaining the title is way more complicated since the rest of the league would have learnt by now to counter your style of play. Although it is safe to say that the Madden NFL 2018 video game seems to have the Eagles as among their best teams to play with.

Our feeling is that the Patriots will snatch the title from the Eagles. The Patriots have been, for the past few years, the bookies’ favorites to win the season. The bookies are confident in keeping their pick for this season as well, and betting enthusiasts better take note.