Orioles FanFest 2013 Recap

By Anonymous - Posted on 21 January 2013

Orioles Fan Fest

This past Saturday was marked as a day for celebration of Orioles baseball, but that excitement soon turn to sorrow when the news broke about the passing of Orioles legend, Earl Weaver. The day would continue on however, but with many heavy hearts. The record crowd of over 18,000 flocked to the Convention Center for this day of celebration of O's baseball. I think it's safe to say the playoff appearance influenced the amount of people there, but I could be wrong. Inside the event, you couldn't walk 5 feet without seeing a line for something, whether it's for an autograph, a photo with a player, or for food, but nonetheless, it was still a great event. At FanFest this year, you could've gotten autographs, if you had a autograph voucher, which sold out in record time. MASN had a photo op set up at their booth all day with current and former Orioles, along with MASN commentators. Kids had their own free autograph line if they were 14 and younger. In a room upstairs, they were showing the BUCKle Up Bird: An Underdog Story on a loop throughout the day. Also in that room, you could've purchased the DVD, like I stated in my previous article. Throughout the day, many players went up on the stage and did a Q&A session with the fans. I unfortunatly didn't catch much of this, due to the fact I was in lines all day. It was a real great day to enjoy the anticipation of the 2013 season, and reflect on the 2012 season. Let's go O's! FanFest Crowd 2013

Photo from Carroll County Times