Question of the Week: What team should be on "Hard Knocks" this season?

By Phil Gentile - Posted on 13 April 2012

Hard Knocks


Because of the NFL lockout we were robbed of HBO's "Hard Knocks" in 2011. Now that labor peace is guaranteed that means we are guaranteed another season of the best offseason insight into a select NFL franchise. But who should HBO choose as the team to profile in 2012? Our twitter followered weighed in.


@RumfordJohnny Seahawks. Carroll & Schneider? Worth it alone to see these goobers riff.


@ApplebyMike Miami Dolphins. Everyone loves a absolute trainwreck unfolding before their eyes. It's what reality TV is made for...


@BLeez7 1) 49ers: Harbaugh/Moss. 2) Broncos: To see the transition with Peyton. 3) Saints: For "Bountygate" reasons


@KreuzersKorner I'd have to choose the #49ers for Hard Knocks. Who wouldn't want to see Harbaugh, Gore, Crabtree, Davis etc.


@R_D_Heskett the Redskins just for the laughs! Lol


@sjflynn Would have to go with the Broncos for Hard Knocks ... Peyton, Elway and Bailey are must see tv!


@fordical The saints would be fascinating this season


@GirlOfTheShire Is it wrong to say the Jets because I want to see Tebow work the shake weight


@Bmoresportslife Jaguars. I think the story-lines Hard Knocks show, work with any team.


@DTaylorEvoX honestly the Jets or Broncos to see the Tebow Manning thing payout.


@PocketHercules7 Huge Steelers fan but I know I'd be fired up to watch the #Ravens sounds weird but when u guys are on tv theres a fire burnin


@Brut23 I wanna see the Browns or Raiders on Hard Knocks just so everyone can see an utterly dysfunctional franchise.