Ravens NFL Draft Preview

By Phil Gentile - Posted on 09 April 2012

NFL Draft



With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching we thought it was time to discuss some of the players the Ravens could possibly select at the 29th pick. Since GM Ozzie Newsome loves the "best player available" method it's almost impossible to predict who will land in Baltimore but here are some of the players that could be steals in the bottom of the 1st round.


Peter Konz C, Wisconsin

Konz has been a rumored favorite of the Ravens for so long I've gotten tired of imagining as a Raven. Obviously after losing Ben Grubbs the offensive line is in desperate need of improvement and Konz would do just that. The team resigned old bastard veteran Matt Birk but it's not far fetched to think Konz could play at guard for a season as he learns the speed of the game on the NFL level. He has elite size and bulk for a center yet he moves exceptionally well for his size. Konz isn't a sexy pick but it's a smart one that will give the Ravens a starter on their offensive line for the next decade.


Dont'a Hightower ILB, Alabama

You know Ozzie loves drafting players from his alma mater right? Well Hightower fits the Ravens hard fitting defensive mentality perfectly. He's a very physical player and can make some explosive hits (as you'll see in the hip hop scored video below). The only thing is he also fits a need for the hated Pittsburgh Steelers, who draft five spots ahead of the Ravens. Still trying to find out if Dont'a is related to our favorite character from Police Academy, the legendary Moses Hightower.



Harrison Smith S, Notre Dame

Quick somebody compare him to John Lynch since they are both the same skin color! Harrison Smith is our favorite pick if the Ravens stay at the 29th pick. Ed Reed isn't getting any younger and Smith has the awareness and leadership to take over when the time comes for Reed to hang up the cleats. He's versatile (something the Ravens love in their defensive players) and is an effective tackler. If Baltimore does select the former Fighting Irish safety prepare to hear female Ravens fans swoon everytime his mug is on the jumbotron.

Lavonte David OLB, Nebraska

Ah the sleeper pick. You won't hear his name on the "other" Ravens blogs/websites but I guess that's why you are reading this instead of their stuff. Lavonte David has been flying up draft boards like a spider monkey hopped up on Mountain Dew. He's one of the best pure athletes in the draft and should be able to start right away. David is great at rushing the passer and excels in man-to-man coverage.