The peculiar history between the NY Jets and Baltimore Ravens

There is this peculiar rivalry between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens. For some reason, we can’t explain why. They aren’t really regional rivals, and they don’t have the kind of big names that have individual rivalries, such as the case in soccer between Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Lionel Messi of Barcelona.

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Perhaps the history of the Jets and Ravens has been witness to certain situations within games that have irked both sets of fans. Let us rewind the clock to October 2, 2011. The Jets and Ravens made history on that day, if you recall.

On a massive and crucial Sunday Night Football showdown, the game saw witness to a record five  return touchdowns. That’s right, five! It started with a move involving Ed Reed and Jameel McClain, a glorious return touchdown. And then it really took off!

That game was a great watch for fans of both teams, and ended up with the Ravens winning 34-17. Perhaps it rubbed the Jets the wrong way, and ever since Jets fans seem to have a sense of annoyance about the Ravens. Ah well, it’s football and it’s normal. Americans have an almost fanatic devotion to their local clubs and players.

Now, it is true that the Ravens and Jets aren’t even near the favorites to clinch the title as far the current season is concerned. However, they promise to serve up some really entertaining games, if history has anything to say. For the fans, this is gonna be one hell of a ride.

And not just the fans. Think of the drama that would ensure for sports betting companies and gamblers! You wouldn’t have a clue how the game will unfold, and you could experience some wild swings as far as your pockets are concerned.

odds of making it to the nfl - The peculiar history between the NY Jets and Baltimore Ravens

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