The Stanley Cup Playoff presented by Wringling Brothers

By Jenn - Posted on 18 April 2012

Flyers Penguins Brawl

The playoffs have been anything but boring.  Even if you're not a hockey fan, the entertainment factor has been through the roof.  While many will complain about the utter lack of respect for the game, most are thoroughly entertained by all the violence. 

As a huge hockey fan, I find the fights entertaining, not so much for the actual violence but more so for who is involved and the hilarious exchanges that are ensuing. In that regard, the best series going right now is the Philly/Pittsburgh match-up.

First off, these teams hate each other, and most hockey fans not from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh would agree that they hate these teams, as well. Watching them kill each other is pure joy. Think of hockey fans as the Capitol and the Philly and Pittsburgh players are kids from the Districts and we're watching the NHL Hunger Games. Non-stop excitement!

Don't believe me? Check out this video of all the fights from this Sunday's game.

Yeah, that's just from one game. And Hulk Hogan even made an appearance, mocking a Penguins fan who thinks he’s the hulk. Hilarity. (BTW the Flyers are up 3-0 in the series, so the last chance to watch this circus could possibly be tonight. Tune in!)

But don’t think this series is the only one with sophomoric actions. The Caps and Bruins series heated up a bit on Monday, as my fellow Caps fans welcomed Tim Thomas, noted hater of all things presidential, with open arms to our Nation’s capital.

Tim Thomas

(Check out some more coverage from Russian Machine Never Breaks who made the awesome signs and encouraged fans to print them out to taunt Timmy)


Aside from using our president to taunt the Bruins, the Caps players even had some fun at the expense of a couple Bruins players.


Again, I cannot emphasize enough how enjoyable this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs are. Do yourself a favor and try to catch one of these games. (And might I suggest an Eastern Conference game…the West hasn’t been nearly as entertaining.)