Thoughts On the Orioles Hall of Fame

By Anonymous - Posted on 07 May 2013

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The Oriole Advocates announced last week that they had elected former Oriole second baseman Roberto Alomar to the Orioles Hall of Fame. This raised some eyebrows among fans since Alomar only spent three season with Baltimore.

Was this as egregious as it might seem at first glance? Let's find out.



Here are the position players who are in the Oriole Hall of Fame and their Oriole career bWAR. There are also some players who are likely to be inducted for reference.



Rk             Player WAR/pos

1          Cal Ripken    95.5

2     Brooks Robinson    78.4

3        Eddie Murray    56.3

4       Mark Belanger    40.9

5          Paul Blair    39.7

6         Bobby Grich    36.1

7         Boog Powell    35.5

8      Brady Anderson    34.8

9      Frank Robinson    32.3

10      Ken Singleton    30.1

11        Melvin Mora    29.0*

12      Brian Roberts    28.4*

13          Al Bumbry    24.7

14    Rafael Palmeiro    24.5**

15      Nick Markakis    23.6*

16       Chris Hoiles    23.5

17      Doug DeCinces    22.9

18       Rick Dempsey    21.3

19      Davey Johnson    20.1

20      Miguel Tejada    19.5**

21         Don Buford    19.2

22       B.J. Surhoff    17.7

23      Luis Aparicio    16.5

24        Jim Gentile    14.8

25         Rich Dauer    14.5

26       Mike Bordick    14.5

27       Gus Triandos    12.8

28     Roberto Alomar    12.5

29      Harold Baines     9.4



The asterisks are for players who are likely to be voted in once their playing days are through. Melvin Mora, Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis are already worthy candidates and either done playing or so close to ending their Oriole careers that it is not worth quibbling about their current totals. Double asterisks are for players who are worthy yet the subject of steroids is most likely keeping them out. Rafael Palmeiro should already be in and Miguel Tejada (who is still playing) would have been a likely choice as well. I am including all of them in the averages.


Elrod Hendricks (7.3 bWAR) and Gene Woodling (8.5 bWAR) had their Oriole resumes enhanced through coaching so I will not include them in the totals.


The median bWAR for members of the Orioles Hall of Fame is 24.05. Once you put Robbie Alomar in, the median drops to 23.6 bWAR. That's not insignificant but it's not as if the quality of the membership dropped dramatically once Alomar got in.


Not to mention, there's Harold Baines. I love Harold but c'mon. And Alomar is right there with Gus Triandos and I have no issues with Triandos' induction.


But since the knock on Alomar is length of service, let's look at how impactful those seasons were.




Distribution of top 15 bWAR seasons by Oriole second basemen (80% of games at 2B)


Bobby Grich     4

Brian Roberts   4

Roberto Alomar  3

Davey Johnson   2

Others          2




He was only here three seasons but he left his mark for sure. Just for kicks, in 1996 his OBP was above .400 and his SLG was above .500. That's only been done 13 times in the history of the franchise. Alomar was not here for long but was quite impactful on the Oriole playoff teams of the mid-1990's.


While we're on the subject of the Oriole Hall of Fame, the fact that Rafael Palmeiro has not been inducted is ridiculous. I have  said that a Hall of Fame without Palmeiro (among others) is a Hall of Fame that I don't care about. This is doubly true for the Orioles Hall of Fame. If there is a character consideration for voters, then I guess that the steroid issue is keeping Raffy away. But didn't they just elect a guy who spit on an umpire? And Earl Weaver was twice arrested and charged with drunk driving, a far more agregious offense than potetntially cheating at baseball. You can't forget Rafael Palmeiro and his importance to those Oriole teams of the mid-90's. Palmeiro should be in and the Oriole Hall of Fame is greatly diminished in improtance and credibility until he is.

 And one more beef with the Orioles Hall of Fame...with 17.1 bWAR, right in between Luis Aparicio and B.J. Surhoff in Oriole career bWAR is OF Merv Rettenmund. He was a big part of the 1970-71 World Series Oriole clubs, he ranks 5th among all Orioles (with 500+ games played) in OBP and 6th all time in OPS+. But Merv's not in the Oriole Hall of Fame. Hey Oriole Advocates, get a veteran's committee, or whatever your equivalent may be, and get Merv elected! Merv is more deserving than many who are already there.