Tweets of the Week (4/10/2012)

By Will T. - Posted on 10 April 2012


Frankly, this was one of the most bizarre weeks in recent memory as far as the sports world goes. First, the whole Dwight Howard - Stan Van Gundy Feud/Non Feud has to be up there with The Decision in terms of poorly handled situations. Thankfully, Twitter was there to the rescue to ridicule the situation, especially after Van Gundy threw a can of kerosene on the situation when he told the media that Howard told Magic management that he should be fired.


Then of course, there's Bobby Petrino and the tramp, which absolutely speaks for itself. As you'll see below, the .gif files that exploded on Twitter in the aftermath of the motorcycle crash were simply outstanding.


Making his first official appearance in the IHJJR Tweets of the Week is none other than @the_IronSheik, who if you haven't been following yet, you have really been missing out...just be careful retweeting anything he says...I'll leave it at that.


And then of course there's baseball, which has finally gotten fully underway (still annoyed about the game in Japan, Mr. Selig). By the way, if you predicted that Rays and Orioles would start 3-0, and that the Braves, Yankees and Red Sox would all start 0-3, then you need to come with me on my next trip to Las Vegas.


Not to be outdone, the NFL unveiled its new Nike branded football jerseys, which, to be honest, don't really appear to be all that different in styles in most instances (except for the Seahawks).


Last and certainly not least, The Masters was once again absolutely sensational. Congratulations to Bubba Watson on a well deserved victory, and the outstandingly awkward missed handshake with Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne that lead to this sensational .gif file by SBNation that circulated the rounds on Twitter.


That's a wrap for this edition of the Tweets of the Week. As always, feel free to send in submissions to me (@thrillis4) either by tweet or DM using the hashtag #IHJJRTweetsOfTheWeek. Enjoy!