Tweets of the Week (4/24/2012)

By Will T. - Posted on 23 April 2012




Seems like these days anytime a major story dies down (Petrino and Arkansas) several more rise up to take its place. Anyone who was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN last week likely heard the epic trainwreck of an interview with Wisconsin Men's Basketball Coach Bo Ryan, who was "attempting" to explain his reasoning for preventing now former Wisconsin freshman Jared Uthoff from transfering to an enormous list of schools. It ended up coming across as unbelievably petty. But thankfully, it lead to quite the comedic binge on Twitter (and subsequently, Wisconsin doing the right thing).


Speaking of trainwrecks, you can't seem to spell "dumpster fire" these days without "Boston Red Sox." Perhaps things will turn around, but as @bubbaprog shows us below, seems like Bobby Valentine might develop a drinking problem by the end of the season. Blowing a 9-0 lead is bad for any team, but the way the Red Sox have been playing so far this can things get any worse?


Continuing the trainwreck theme, two former athletes had epic Twitter disasters this past week, with one being far less surprising than the other. Can you guess who one might be? If you guessed @JoseCanseco, you'd be 100% correct. Just take a look at some of his tweets below. They're either a brilliantly planned script...or a desparate cry for help. I don't normally include more than one Tweet from a single person, but Canseco was so completely off the rails this week that an exemption had to be made.


The other athlete was a deadline submission for the Tweets of the Week, with an absolutely bizarre situation involving Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar. Apparently, Pilar and another woman attacked Deion in front of their own kids...and Deion started tweeting about it. He even went so far to throw up a twitpic of himself and his children filling out a police report. I don't even know where to begin for this's easily one of the most unreal events I've ever seen.


In the world of pop culture, it's safe to say that everyone who was watching Game of Thrones had to go find a barf bag after watching the final scene of the episode. But as you'll see below, it lead to some outstanding comedy on Twitter.


One final thought from the sports world - PGA golfer and Arkansas alum John Daly didn't seem all that pleased when it was announced that John L. Smith would be taking the reigns of the Arkansas football team.


That's a wrap for this edition of Tweets of the Week. As always, feel free to send in submissions to me (@thrillis4) either by tweet or DM using the hashtag #IHJJRTweetsOfTheWeek. Enjoy!