Welcome to the Show: AL Edition

By Mike Scott - Posted on 09 February 2011

First and foremost I would like to thank I Hate JJ Redick for giving me this opportunity. I seemed to make an impression in 140 characters or less. Hopefully I will be just as witty and interesting when the twitter limit is gone.

A product of too much moving as a child I am a sports nomad. I love different teams up and down the east coast depending on the sport but a smart man once told me, “If you got the cash for a ticket then you can be a fan of who ever you want.” As for baseball I grew up a Braves fan, too much TBS I guess, which makes me writing an AL blog kind of ironic. However if you told me I had to write about the Washington Wildthings I’d do it with bells on. I promise to do my best to keep this an AL blog and not an "AL East and the other two" blog like most (the Angels play in the AL, right?).

As for me I am a product of the UNC system just like my NL counterpart albeit the little brother school UNC-Charlotte. Reading Harry’s post I feel like his Bizzaro-blogger. I love watching a pitcher blow smoke right by a batter and totally dig the DH. There is nothing worse then watching a pitcher “hit.” Oh yeah and Star Wars is the bee’s knees his arms and his legs. At least we both have a healthy disdain for JJ Redick and Duke.

If you got the Bizzaro reference you’ve probably gathered I am a comic book nerd. I can pretty much quote any movie I have ever seen especially comedies. I also love video games and will play them no matter how old I get. Currently playing a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops. PS3 is the way to go and Hardcore only. Lastly I have to give a shout to my Charlotte 49ers Baseball program that in the past three seasons has beaten Clemson, the Carolina Tarheels, and the defending champion South Carolina Game Cocks. Go Niners!

Welcome aboard! Look forward to reading your stuff.