Who Do You Hate More: NBA Edition

By Reva - Posted on 22 December 2011


According to a recently released poll, Kris Humphries has surpassed LeBron James as the NBA’s most disliked player.  

I can only imagine this is because of his much-publicized 45-second marriage to Kim Kardashian.  The fact that he’s more disliked than LeBron James baffles me for the following reasons:


Kris Humphries has the personality of a stop sign – I am ashamed to admit that I watched this past season of Keeping up With the Kardashians and every time Kris was involved it was four thousand times more boring.  He rarely registers emotion.  His facial expressions are the same regardless of the situation.  HE IS THE MOST BORING AND UNINTERESTING PERSON ALIVE.  Someone that boring can’t DO anything to be hated for.

He didn’t choose the publicity, it chose him – LeBron wasted an hour of ESPN programming, not to mention months of our time as we speculated to where he would be taking his talents.  Rumors flew around like crazy and culminated in his announcement that devastated the entire state of Ohio.  It redefined “media circus.”  I’m 90% sure (for the purposes of this list that) Kris Jenner forced Humphries into dating Kim by promising the publicity would be good for his basketball career.  I doubt being in the shadow of Kim’s ass is what he had in mind in terms of career advancement.

LeBron James is LeBron James – I was trying to think of another word for “evil” and came up with “LeBron James.”  And yes, I get it:  he left Cleveland to go to a team where he thought he could win a ring or four, so why am I ripping someone for doing that?  It’s not what he did; it’s how he did it.  Also, with how much money he’s making, I am not going to shed many tears for him if people hate him.  And a LOT of people do.  I took a scientific poll at work.  One person said, “Who is Kris Humphries?” and the other said, “a true basketball fan will hate LeBron more.”  Because he’s a selfish scene-stealer, and he may be talented, but as of yet, has nothing to show for it (other than a contract worth more than what I will make in five lifetimes but that is beside the point, thank you very much).

He was briefly part of the Kardashian Kult.  Hasn’t he suffered enough?