Win or Go Home: Game 7

By Jenn - Posted on 24 April 2012

Caps Celebration

As the first round of the NHL playoffs is coming to a close, I can't help but think how much I will miss it. There's no way the second round could even begin to live up to what the first round brought us.

As a Caps fan, I anxiously await what tomorrow night will bring. Game 7. Again. I feel like the Caps have been in this situation one too many times in recent memory. And all I remember are losses. Well except for that game 7 against the Rangers in 2009. But there is no Fedorov this year.

The one thing glaringly different about tomorrow's game 7 against the Bruins is that it's on the road; a situation many on this team have yet to experience.

The Bruins are beyond used to game 7 elimination games. They won 3 game 7's on their way to the Stanley Cup last year. But this is this season.

The Caps cannot let the past dictate the future except to say that they won't let what happened then happen now.

I'm not about to make some bold prediction or give a score. We all know where my heart lies. We all know that a rookie goaltender is starting in net against the defending champs, and the Caps are staring down a Conn Smythe winner (with an affinity for cheeseburgers).

This series has been anything but predictable. The Caps have taken 2 games in Boston so far and played much better on the road than they have at home, which is a reversal of sorts.

The Caps were pretty good at home, that is, until the playoffs. But if they want to win more on the road, I'm down with that. They are a 7-seed after all. I'll take those odds.