Wrestlemania 28 Preview

By Adi - Posted on 30 March 2012


Crazy how time flies, not only is another WrestleMania here, but this also officially marks my 1 year anniversary of posting here at IHJJR.  It’s been a pleasure to contribute to the site alongside all of the other great writers here and seeing the sight grow so much.  Here’s to another year of talking wrasslin’ with you all.  Now onto the reason why you’re here – my official WrestleMania 28 Preview.

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
Primo & Epico vs. The Uso’s vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

The WWE is offering its WrestleMania dark match for free online this year through the WWE.com site and YouTube.  This is a great way to get the Tag Team belts on the card and hopefully is a sign that the WWE wants to spotlight Tag Team wrestling again.  Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd wrestled each other in a solid match on Superstars this week and then decided to team up to go after the Tag Titles.  I think this will lead to an interesting feud between them and Primo & Epico.  I could see them even winning the belts in this match, but I think the safer bet is to say that Primo & Epico will retain.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve

While I hate the fact that the WWE needs to go out and get a C-list celebrity for this match, I do think that Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Beth Phoenix do indeed deserve a match on the card to showcase their talents as all three have had great years in the WWE.  Kelly won her first title, Beth Phoenix has made the Diva’s title look legitimate again, and Eve has grown into an interesting heel character.  I think Eve and Kelly Kelly are due for a feud in the summer months and this match should propel that feud while giving Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos the win.

Randy Orton vs. Kane

This match actually has some potential as both guys have complimentary styles.  Kane seems to be in the best shape of his life and Orton has a lot to prove as his star card has faded a bit since WrestleMania’s in the past.  I think Orton also needs a big win to get him back into the main event scene while Kane seems to be in the middle of finishing up his last run.  I think Orton will win this match with a RKO out of nowhere, most likely while in midair about to get choke slammed by Kane.  I would have really preferred it to be a street fight but think it should get pretty physical either way.

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny
David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Mark Henry & The Miz vs. Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali & Booker T

This match is the comic relief of the night as I really think it’s going to turn into a major spot fest and tons of outside distraction as Johnny, Teddy, the Bella’s, Hornswoggle, Vicki, and Aksana will all be ringside.  I expect some interesting spots and maybe even some new feuds to deliver out of this match.  Obviously from a storyline perspective it makes sense for Johnny’s team to win as the General Manager for both shows works better with a Heel in charge.  Teddy’s also getting a bit stale on Smackdown while Johnny has done a great job in the role of being an antagonist.  I think we’ll see The Miz or Otunga get the win for Team Johnny.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is ready for main event status and just needs to get the right opportunity for his push.  Big Show’s record at WrestleMania on the other hand has been less than stellar.  I think this match could go either way as Rhodes has been champion for such a long time, but then again if he loses the title where does that leave him?  Big Show can afford a loss and yet still remain in the upper mid card to main event level status.  I think Cody Rhodes will win this one and hopefully will be in the main event scene going into the summer.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

This is Bryan’s match to lose right now as he has gotten himself way over as a heel on Smackdown and is even giving the show better ratings during his run.  His storyline with his girlfriend A.J. has also been pretty fun and could still be explored further.  I think the WWE made a mistake giving Sheamus the Royal Rumble win as it probably seemed like a much better idea in January then now where Daniel Bryan has gotten himself so over.  I think this match will be great though as both guys work well together and work very stiff as well.  I expect a pretty rough match with a few high spots from Bryan and maybe some outside interference helping him get the win and retaining the belt.

WWE Championship
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

This is a fantasy booking between two of the best workers in the biz right now.  Jericho came back to the WWE in incredible shape and has been putting on matches with younger guys like Kofi that are comparable to even his best work in the ‘90s.  CM Punk has been on fire as WWE Champion as well and really found his niche both on the mic and in his new babyface persona.  I think these two will tear the roof off the place and this will most likely be remembered as match of the night from a pure wrestling standpoint.  The buildup to this match has gotten very personal and I think we’ll see the feud continue for the next pay-per-view or two even after Mania.  I really think that Jericho should win the belt though as it’ll be better from a story line angle for Punk to chase the heel champ Jericho over the next few months. 

Hell in a Cell Match
Undertaker vs. Triple H, w/ special guest referee Shawn Michaels

I don’t know how these guys can outdo last year’s match but Hell in a Cell and HBK as referee is certainly going to help.  Undertaker hasn’t wrestled in a year and I’m a bit worried about ring rust going into this one.  Triple H will probably be close to winning this one when HBK costs him the match with some sweet chin music and Undertaker’s streak will remain unharmed.  This could also easily contend for match of the night and I hope that WWE lets these guys bleed which I think they will.  Either way this should be an entertaining and fun one to watch.

John Cena vs. The Rock

This match has had the best build up and hype behind it of anything the WWE has done in ages.  Announcing the match one year in advance may have seemed like a major risk but I think it’s played out very well and the legitimate dislike between the guys has really added an extra flair to the promos we’ve seen over the past few weeks.  The image of these two staring each other down in the ring on Sunday night and waiting for the first guy to throw a punch is going to be intense.   I don’t expect a wrestling clinic to be put on by these guys as I expect a lot of brawling and some pretty stiff shots between the two in the heat of the moment.  I hope the match plays out clean with no interferences or cheap finishes as we’ve waited long enough for this to go down without the WWE putting in some cheap way of not having to deal with either guy doing the job.  As much as the promos have been in Cena’s favor over the last few weeks, I’m a bit unsure if The Rock is willing to lose clean in his hometown in the biggest match of his career.  That being said it’s better for business to have Cena win as The Rock is off to film another movie directly after this event.  Much like Hogan officially passed The Rock the torch at WM 18, I think The Rock will now pass it to Cena here at WM 28.

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