College Football Rewind: Week 8

By Will T. - Posted on 26 October 2011

MSU Hail Mary





Without a doubt, this was the most entertaining weekend of the season to date. Fantastic finishes, wild upsets, blowouts – Week 8 brought a little bit of everything to the table. As we pass through the middle of the season, here’s to hoping that the excitement from Week 8 continues over the next several weeks. And on that note, let's take a look back at the action from last weekend.


#1 LSU defeats #20 Auburn, 45-10

Wasn’t much of a contest was it? So much for my prediction of a defensive struggle. LSU pounded Auburn right from the get go, and never gave Coach Chizik’s team any chance to make the game close. 

Unfortunately for all of us college football fans, we'll have to wait another week to see when LSU travels to Tuscaloosca to take on the Crimson Tide. I simply cannot wait, as it’s going to be one hell of a battle. A prime time, #1 vs #2 matchup? What more could you ask for?



#2 Alabama defeats Tennessee, 37-6

An odd game for sure – this game was tied at halftime at 6-6, then Alabama suddenly remembered that they were the #2 team in the country, and Tennessee hasn’t been good in several years. Of course, it helps when you can turn to a back like Trent Richardson to score two touchdowns when you need to.

While I'm annoyed that I have to wait an extra week, the SEC schedule makers did the right thing in giving both Alabama and LSU a week off before their huge matchup. Both teams will be rested and ready for this heavyweight bout. Feels a bit like the winner should just automatically win the BCS Title just on principle. November 5th cannot get here fast enough!


#3 Oklahoma falls to Texas Tech, 38-41

Raise your hand if you thought the Red Raiders were going to win this game. Everyone of you that just raised your hand is straight up lying. Even you, Red Raiders fan. What an incredible performance from Coach Tuberville’s team though – they had to play a near perfect game to beat the Sooners, and they did just that.

For Oklahoma, the dream of a national title likely ended Saturday night, but they will need to regroup fast, as they hit the road to take on Kansas State, a team having a dynamite season. Oklahoma will get the Wildcats best shot on Saturday, and this should be another one that comes down to the wire, but look for the Sooners to come out on top.

Prediction: Oklahoma 32, Kansas State 30


#4 Oklahoma State defeats Missouri, 45-24

Suddenly, the other team in Oklahoma has positioned themselves to be in the running for the national title game. No slow start for the Cowboys either, despite the early kickoff, and had no problem dispatching Missouri, a team seemingly more concerned with leaving the Big 12 more than anything. Hopefully Blackmon’s injury isn’t that serious and he will be able to play next week. 

If he isn’t ready to go however, this will be a good week to rest him with the Baylor Bears coming into town. Baylor was exposed last week against Texas A&M, and look for that to continue against the Cowboys. OK State wins handedly.

Prediction: Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 13


#5 Boise State defeats Air Force, 37-26

The Broncos surprisingly had difficulty defeating the Falcons last Saturday. Not encouraging news for Broncos fans hoping for a BCS bid, as they are always going to be a team that needs to go undefeated and win by large margins in order to lock up an at-large bid to a BCS Bowl game, due to their affiliation with the Mountain West Conference. While Boise State ended up winning, this was clearly the worst performance of the season.

Fortunately, I have good news for you, Broncos fans. You have a whole week off to prepare for lowly UNLV. And if you can’t beat them by more than four touchdowns, well, I’d be worried about the matchup with TCU on November 12.


#6 Wisconsin falls to #16 Michigan State, 31-37

Wow. That’s about all you can say about this game’s finish. And kudos to the men in stripes for getting the call on the field right after going to the replay. Games like this one show just why college football is such a fantastic sport.

The main thing to take out of this game is how the Badgers will play for the rest of the season. Will they let this blemish affect the rest of their season? Or will they come out against Ohio State and remind everyone that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the Big Ten? I have to believe it’s the latter, as Russell Wilson is not the kind of player to let a loss like this hang over him. The Buckeyes will come out fired up for this game, but they don’t have enough firepower to get past Wisconsin.

Prediction: Wisconsin 29, Ohio State 14



#7 Clemson defeats North Carolina, 59-38

Another strange game in terms of scoring – the Tigers nearly equaled the Tar Heels score for the entire game in just the third quarter alone. Of course, it helps when you get two defensive touchdowns, and that’s just what the Tigers got from Kourtnei Brown, who scored on both an interception and a fumble recovery.

The Tigers head down I-85 to Atlanta this weekend to take on the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech, who has suddenly started stinking up the joint. This would be an absolutely typical Clemson game to lose, as the Tigers have all the momentum in the world, and Georgia Tech has lost two straight. But for some reason, the Tigers have managed to avoid that typical meltdown game that has plagued their program (and fans) for many, many seasons. I think they’ll struggle this weekend, but again come away with a victory.

Prediction: Clemson 34, Georgia Tech 24


#8 Stanford defeats #25 Washington, 65-21

Andrew Luck dialed up the #BEATEMDOWN express again this weekend, and had no trouble at all dispatching the Huskies. This game was easily over by halftime. Even better news for Mr. Luck? He essentially has the Heisman wrapped up now, after Michigan State beat Wisconsin. The bad news for Mr. Luck? He might have to play for the Miami Dolphins next season....oof. I think I would stay another year in college. 

Next up for Stanford is the matchup of the weekend, a trip down the Coliseum to take on Southern Cal, or U$C as my buddy @rhaneym refers to them. While the Trojans are ineligible for the postseason, you better believe that Stanford is going to get their best shot Saturday night. That being said, Stanford will still come out on top.

Prediction: Stanford 34, Southern Cal 22


#9 Arkansas defeats Ole Miss, 29-24

The word of the day for this game: survive. That’s more or less what the Razorbacks had to do to win this matchup. The Runnin Rebels played an inspired first half, but couldn’t hang onto the lead once the second half started. And then of course, there was Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt’s bizarre postgame comments. More on that in the LOL(s) of the Week.

Arkansas hits the road again this weekend as they’ll roll into Nashville to play Vanderbilt. Shouldn’t be much of a contest frankly, as Arkansas will look to play a complete game from start to finish this weekend. Look for a Razorbacks victory, that will probably have Bobby Petrino doing a lot of this.

Prediction: Arkansas 37, Vanderbilt 10



#10 Oregon defeats Colorado, 45-2

No chance for David to beat Goliath this week. The Ducks, shorthanded as they were had zero trouble obliterating the Buffs. Hasn’t been a fun first year in the Pac 12 for Colorado (or Utah, while we’re on the subject). 

The Ducks return to the friendly confines of Autzen Stadium on Saturday, and will be greeted by the Cougars of Washington State. Look for Oregon to hand the Cougars their fourth straight loss, as their defense can’t stop anyone, let alone Oregon’s prolific offense, regardless of the fact that LaMichael James could be out of action again. 

Prediction: Oregon 54, Washington State 13


The IHJJR Top Ten: Week Nine

  1. LSU
  2. Alabama
  3. Stanford
  4. Oklahoma State
  5. Oregon
  6. Boise State
  7. Clemson
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Kansas State
  10. Arkansas

Tons of movement within the Top Ten for Week Nine, after the two major upsets of the weekend. Wisconsin drops out of the Top Ten, and Oklahoma falls to #8. The remaining members from last week all move up, with the exception of Arkansas. The lone newcomer this week is Kansas State, who will be looking to make their stay permanent with a win over the Sooners this weekend.


LOL(s) of the Week

Week Eight featured two such hilariously stupid incidents, I had to declare a tie. As I mentioned above, the first winner for Week Eight is Houston Nutt, who went out of his way to point out that a Rebels blogger (seriously, a blogger) predicted that Arkansas would beat Ole Miss 49-10, and how wrong that prediction was. Really coach? I mean...really? Feel better about yourself now?

The second winner is none other than former wussie WWE broadcaster Todd Grisham, who now works as a reporter for ESPNNews. Todd referred to the Sooners loss to Texas Tech as a “trail of tears.” While I know your old job required possibly offensive hyperbole Todd, it doesn’t exactly go over well with the general public when you compare a football loss to the forced relocation of Indians in the 1800s. Maybe think before you speak next time, pal.


That’s all for this week! Look for my ACC post a tad earlier than usual, with Miami and UVA playing this Thursday night. Enjoy the games on Saturday, and if you have any comments, leave ‘em here or hit me up on Twitter @thrillis4.