Cube of Power Challenge

By Anonymous - Posted on 19 February 2012

Cube Of Power

Challenge: Eat the whole sandwich in one sitting

Rules: No condiments/cheese in between the meat patties - Once you pick the burger up you can not put it down - there is no time limit.

Ingredients: 9 Wendy's quarter pound patties & 2 burger buns from Wendy's.

Weight: 2 pounds of meat

There is a website dedicated to the challenge

Become Certified: Really the best way to become certified is to have a certified individual witness the achievement. However, apparently there's an option to send in video evidence, but there's no guarantees.

I took on this competition and completely finished the sandwich in under 16 minutes. (I did not become certified, because I didn't have a certified witness and I never sent the full video in)

However, I have 3 videos for y'all to enjoy! Try not to vomit. (which I also did not do)

Cube Of Power Part 1

Cube Of Power Part 2

Cube Of Power Part 3


I'm very impressed but the poor quality of the third and final video will probably lead some to believe that the footage was doctored (not unlike the moon landing).