Britney Spears, Source and Music’s deep relation with Football

In the Unites States, we love to associate different things together. And two things that will be forever associated with each other are football and music. I mean, the super bowl is a brilliant example of this. For many, the super bowl has become synonymous with opening acts performed by luminaries such as Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

It is really two things that symbolize us as a nation. While football has been America’s most beloved sport all these years, music has been too. Think about it. Over the centuries, how many great musicians have fascinated us and planted themselves into our souls! It started with Blues and Soul masters such as Ray Charles, BB King and Buddy Holly.

the beatles - Britney Spears, Source and Music’s deep relation with Football

We then moved on to rock ‘n roll legends that arrived from British shores and found themselves welcomed wholeheartedly by us Americans. The Beatles, Stones and Led Zeppelin come to mind. For over two decades, their riffs and solos made many a teenager a real man or woman. We also had one of our own in Jimi Hendrix, perhaps the greatest guitarist to have ever lived, and then the late Prince of course.

American then saw the birth of the original pop king and queen, aka Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. How can we forget that one super bowl in 2001 when Britney and Aerosmith rock the stage for centuries to come! It was as if no one could ever top that. It was the purest blend of pop and rock.

micheal jackson - Britney Spears, Source and Music’s deep relation with Football

And of course, we have the almost spiritual relation between basketball and hip-hop. The Source, one of hip-hop’s premier magazines, talks about this in detail. The Source, of course, well-known by Americans as it was part of the 1995 groundbreaking events that changed the history of Hip-Hop. You know, the day 2Pac left us and this world.

But still, whatever happens within the realm of music, there is always a common need among musicians to associate themselves with and to bring people together through the blend of sports and music. Let us hope that remains so.